From the New York Times, 15th January 1899

“British Bark Andelina sinks at Tacoma, Washington.”
“Little Warning to the Crew.”
“Ship careens and goes down, giving the sailors on board no chance to escape.”

TACOMA, Washington, Jan.14.
The British bark Andelina, 2,345 tons, of Nova Scotia, Capt.G.W.Stailing, sank in 22 fathoms of water in front of the St.Paul Mill wharf, and the Captain, the mate, and fifteen of the crew were drowned. The accident occurred during the night.

The vessel came four days ago in ballast from Shanghai. The ballast had been discharged, and the ship was lying at anchor waiting to be towed into the dock. Last night a terrific gale raged out in the bay, the wind blowing thirty-six miles an hour. Two great boom logs were placed beside the Andelina, one on each side. During the gale between 2 and 4 this morning one of the logs went adrift, causing the ship to careen and to capsize with very little warning to the crew. The vessel was entirely without ballast and the hatches were open. All on board were caught like rats in a trap and had no chance of escape. The ship simply careened over, the water flowed in the open hatches, and she sank.

At daylight this morning the ship was missed. Where she had been riding, apparently securely at dusk the night before, there showed but a blank stretch of water. The wreckage which was strewn about the bay told the vessel’s fate. A large number of the crew were discharged yesterday, or the loss of life would have been far more appalling. The ship was to commence taking on a cargo of wheat for Queenstown today, and was to receive further orders. Capt.Stailing lived in Anapolis, N.S., and leaves a widow and three children. He is well known in this port.

The Andelina left New York May 9 last for Shanghai, carrying case oil, and arrived there Oct.19. She reached this port less than a week ago, to load wheat for Eppinger & Co., San Francisco, for export to England. She was built at Workington, North England, in 1889, and was owned by E.F.& W. Roberts of Liverpool, and was rated A1 by Lloyds. Her dimensions were : Length, 330 feet; beam, 42 feet; depth of hold 24 feet 6 inches; tonnage, 2,395 net. ”