Capt Sawyer of Orpheus Account (2nd Hand):
CaptSawyer of Orpheus Account_2nd Hand

Current Navigational Routes:
Current Navigation Routes

Cutter Oliver Walcott report (Weekly Pacific Tribune Nov20,1875):
Cutter Oliver Walcott report_Weekly Pacific Tribune_Nov20_1875

MrJelley account to Colonist part 1 and 2:
mrjelley-account-to-colonist-part1.jpg mrjelley-account-to-colonist-part2.jpg

OHenly account (second survivor):
OHenly account_secondsurvivor ohenly-account_secondsurvivor_v2.jpg

Short Telegram to Intelligencer:

SS Pacific Cargo List:
SS Pacific_CargoList

Sworn Testimony from CaptSawyer of Orpheus as Reported by Victoria Colonist:

Sworn Testimony from Crew Member of Orpheus:
Sworn Testimony_Crew Member_Orpheus

Sworn Testimony from Passenger Henley of the Pacific (part 1 and 2)
Sworn Testimony_Henley_Pacific_part1 sworn-testimony_henley_pacific_part2.jpg