The last month and a half I’ve been diving with the group making extended range dives on DPV’s (diver propulsion vehicles), a.k.a. ‘scooters’. 
Starting at Seacrest Cove 2 (off Alki) we have more than 7000ft of cave line run at an average depth of 110ft.  The round trip is nearly 3miles.  Pretty incredible dive to make/distance to cover at that depth.  

The goal has been to get proficient at laying cave/wreck line while running scooters, repairing & working with loose line (dealing with entanglement hazards, etc), improving communication and line protocol and active training for bigger/deeper dives.

The last dive I made out there we had a great encounter with two harbor seals.  They were being so friendly and curious… checking us out and brushing up against the scooters – it honestly looked like they thought the scooters were other seals.  After disappearing for awhile, one seal came up behind me and nipped one of my fins – which gave me an adrenaline jolt based on the number of shark encounters we experience in this area as well.   

It’s been fun; but I am anxious to get back out in the lake to see and possibly find more historical wrecks.  More on those efforts to come…