Spent most of the weekend on or in the lake, working on tying together and documenting the Avenger.

Saturday morning the team of Kurt, Miranda, Walter & Mark dove with the objective of connecting the dots (I played boat driver for this one). We had previously connected the main section of fuselage to the tail (about 30 feet away) with cave line. We had a bearing and distance (85 feet) to the starboard wing, lying on the bottom.  From the starboard wing, we had another bearing and distance (about 50 ft.) to two four foot sections of wreckage (status unknown).  They dropped on the fuselage, tied in and ran out 90 ft. of line.  Spaced themselves out on the line and swam a quick search pattern to locate the wing.  Once on the wing, they repeated the process to locate the two other pieces of wreckage.  It took about 25 minutes for them to locate and connect the pieces and they incurred about 30minutes of deco.  So just about an hour long dive all together with a max and average bottom depth of 175ft.

Sunday morning, the team of myself, Rich, Walter & Mark returned to the site with the video camera.  With all the pieces connected together we were ready to finish documenting the site.  We spent a leisure 30 minutes on the bottom enjoying the site; making sure we documented everything.  Once edited we’ll publish a copy of the video to the Naval Archives/Historical branch for their records.