Made a couple dives in the lake on Sunday…

The first dive was on the PV-2 Harpoon – a World War II patrol bomber that was ditched after take-off in Sept 1947. It’s a great dive, the plane is stuck nose down in the mud and the tail is broken off so there is opportunity to drop down inside.  50 caliber machine guns still in the turret. Max depth was about 145ft.

The second dive was much shallower but more historic.  Back when we were looking for the Avenger we found via side scan the hull of a 60ft ship lying on its side in relatively shallow water (90ft).  So our second dive was on this wreck and it turned out to be a great one.  5 of us made the dive.  The three man team I was on shot video and took a bow to stern measurement.  The second two man team took beam and draft measurements.  On the bow of the ship you can still just barely read what we collectively thought was the name, ‘SCOUT.’

Researching vessels by that name later that evening and comparing notes to our length and beam measurements we were able to match Scout to an early 1900’s era Coast Guard Revenue Cutter. One of the first that was gasoline powered.  It was based in Port Townsend, WA where its primary purposes were to thwart illegal immigration and opium trade.  In 1915 it was transferred via private sale to Puget Sound.  Other than that the rest of its history above water remains a mystery.